Maine este o noua zi.


Traim cu gandul ca greselile si problemele de azi vor disparea maine. Credem ca ne vom trezi la o noua zi fara toate motivele care astazi ne intristeaza sau ne ingrijoreaza.

Gandim ca totul va fi bine de la sine. Dar nu este asa.

Maine intr-adevar este o noua zi, dar nimic nu dispare de la sine. Problemele nu se rezolva singure, greselile nu se sterg.

Maine este o zi in care vor fi aceleasi greseli, aceleasi probleme, la care vor fi adaugate altele noi. Fiecare zi are greutatile ei. Si atunci cand termini o zi fara ca sa le rezolvi, ziua urmatoare te vei infrunta cu mai multe.

Problemele zilei tale nu depind de altii, depind de tine. Se pot intampla multe rele. Te vor afecta doar atunci cand le dai voie. Tinand cont ca aceasta depinde de tine, personal, de asemenea rezolvarea lor depinde tot de tine. Nu astepta ca altii sa le rezolve.

Tu trebuie sa gasesti in tine puterea care ti’o da Dumnezeu si impreuna veti putea muta orice munte care se afla in cale, veti putea trece orice vale.

Pune-te pe genunchi si cu ajutorul Lui vei sfarsi ziua prin a sterge greselile, a rezolva problemele… si doar atunci va fi posibil sa te trezesti la o noua zi. O noua zi cu noi probleme peste care tot cu ajutorul Lui vei trece.

Nu lasa ca gunoiul sa se acumuleze si sa dea peste. Infrunta greutatea atunci cand iti sta in fata, nu mai tarziu.

Maine va fi o zi mai buna daca astazi creezi o zi mai buna. 

Courage is not a destination. Courage is committing to begin something without any guarantee of the outcome being a success. 

William G. T. Shedd said, “A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.”

It takes courage to take a risk, to be different. 

Courage is not this big, loud thing that gets everyone’s attention. Sometimes it is a still, small voice that whispers, “I won’t give up.” 

“Courage does not always roar,” -Mary Anne Radmacher. 

Your worst day with God is better than your best day without Him. 

I was reading a devotional this morning; and I guess at one point after I started reading it, I lost focus. The words were flying off the screen and in front of my eyes but were going no further than that. But then something caught my attention, this phrase: Your worst day with God is better than your best day without Him. I let a few moments pass while this thought sank in, and I went back and read the whole section again. 

How bad can a day be with God? If I’ve learned one thing, it is that no matter how difficult a day was or how many things went completely out of plan… If God was by my side… At the end of the day, I realized that every single part of that day and every little thing that happened was part of His plan. 

On the other hand, I’ve had days when I woke up and didn’t even bother to pray or think about God. Morning came and went, and afternoon rolled around… And I was thinking: Why is everything going wrong today? What did I do, God? 

God?! Oh. Exactly. It’s what I didn’t do. I did not talk to Him; I did not ask for His guidance, His help, His will. 

We want God to do His part, yet we fail to do ours. (Not to mention, we get the easy part. We just have to ask.) 

There was never a time when after asking for His help, I did not receive answer in some manner. Of course there were plenty of times when I thought God wasn’t listening to me or didn’t bother to answer. But this is never true. He does listen. He does answer: when and how He knows best.

How good can a day be with God? Beyond your imagination. Do not underestimate God! 

Christmas Mood.


Twinkle lights. Jingle bells. Presents underneath the tree. Eggnog. Reindeer. 

What does it sound like? It’s that time of year again. My favorite time.

I was thinking the other day, and I don’t know if I enjoy my birthday more or Christmas time. The thing about Christmas is that, unlike my birthday, it doesn’t last just one day. Christmas is a whole-month thing, maybe even longer.

After Thanksgiving dinner has come and gone, everyone starts talking about gift wrapping, holiday vacations, Christmas parties, etc. Stores play Christmas music. Everywhere you go, you hear the same carols over and over again, but they don’t tire you because it’s part of that Christmas spirit. 

Christmas is about being together. For those few weeks people actually think more about those around them than of themselves. Even though bad things still happen, nothing changes the fact that it’s a special time of year. Nothing kills the happiness, the peace: the Christmas mood. 

Everyone connects Christmas with gift-giving… What is your Christmas gift this year? I’m not talking about something trivial, but rather something of great importance in your life. When asked this question, I’m sure there is that # 1 thing that pops into everyone’s mind. That thing, that is what you are most thankful for. What is it?

For me… My Christmas gift is not just a Christmas gift; it is a gift I open each and every day. It is someone who has drastically changed my life since the moment he walked into it. He has made me realize a lot about myself, brought me closer to God, and helped me develop better relationships with the people close to me and with God. Everyday he gives me that feeling of Christmas.

As for you, dear reader, I have one desire. This Christmas, think of what gives you this spirit of love, happiness, and peace. And not only that, but think of how you can make this spirit felt to others around you. 

Don’t let the Christmas mood die, feed it every single day and keep it alive all through the year! 


On your “watch it” list. 

Hi everyone

From time to time, I will be posting things I like or found interesting. And today it’s something practical. I haven’t watched any movies/tv shows recently. It’s so easy to get hooked on them once you start, and I decided not to waste my time doing that while there are a million other important things that need my attention. But anyway, last night I watched a movie with my family, best movie in a long time. Christian and completely worth it. 

So, here it is: 

Grace Unplugged


I chased a million things, bright lights and empty dreams. Now here I am, right where I thought I wanted to be. I’ll trade it all right now. Leave it all and lay it down, to get back to where I belong. Lord, all I’ve ever needed was your love.

Traieste pentru tine. Traieste pentru Dumnezeu. 

  • Cum se poate ca in acelasi timp sa traiesti si pentru tine si pentru Dumnezeu?

Uneori petrecem prea mult timp ingrijorandu’ne de parerile lumii, de ceea ce e la moda, de ceea ce ne va face mai presus decat cei din jur. Petrecem mult prea mult timp incercand sa multumim pe altii. Viata nu a fost creata ca sa fie traita asa. In viata trebuie sa faci decizii care iti vor zidi tie un viitor. Trebuie sa faci alegeri la care te vei uita inapoi peste ani de zile si iti vei da seama ca te’au ajutat pe tine, nu pe altii. Viata trebuie traita zi de zi cladindu’te pe tine. In modul acesta traiesti pentru tine.

Singura data cand te poti intreba daca ai facut bine in ochii unei alte persoane este atunci cand te intrebi daca Dumnezeu este multumit cu tine. Intreaba’te daca ceea ce faci pentru tine este in deacord cu ce vrea Dumnezeu. Vor fi momente in viata cand iti doresti ceva atat de mult dar esti 100% sigur ca nu este voia Lui. Nu te gandi ca pierzi ceva. Dumnezeu incearca sa inchida geamul pe care tu te chinui sa intrii doar ca sa iti deschida usa. El iti pregateste o cale mai buna. El are grija de viitorul tau. Iar cea mai buna alegere pe care o poti face este sa decizi ca in fiecare zi si la orice pas sa ceri ajutorul Lui.

Traieste pentru tine, traieste pentru Dumnezeu. 

325 out of 365. 

We have forty days remaining to do something better, something to make this year an accomplishment. Every New Year we make new resolutions and propose to ourselves that this year we will do the impossible to accomplish them. We start the year very determined, but it doesn’t last. Life gets in the way, and we fall back into routine. We think to ourselves: I have time for change. But no, we don’t. Year after year is going by, and one day we will realize that our chance passed right before our eyes.

Three hundred and sixty-five days. Three hundred and sixty-five opportunities to make a change, to leave an impression on the world. Take advantage of each opportunity and start out with new purposes, new goals, and the spirit to go through with them.

Hello November.

 Have you ever walked down the street or gone to the supermarket, and as you’re going about doing whatever it is that you’re doing, you see someone passing by… You smile and say hi, or maybe you just smile. They don’t say anything and keep trudging away, or maybe they grunt an awkward hello.
And you think to yourself: Man, what is their problem?

The next time someone passes by, you decide it might be better if you ignore them. You don’t feel up to receiving the same reaction again.

And somehow your attitude has changed a little. You were happy; you wanted to make someone else smile even if it was for a mere second. But you were rejected.

So, what am I trying to say? What I’m saying is that your attitude affects others. Yes, you could be having a bad day. You could be having the “worst day ever.” If you’re alone in your room, be sour and miserable all you want. How you act around yourself is completely up to you. But the way you make other people feel does not only involve yourself.

With one simple word, one attitude, one smile, one “hello”… you can change someone’s day. You can definitely still change it with a frown, a rude comment, or your ignorance.

But what kind of change do you want to create?

Today is November 1st.

“Be the kind of person you would like to meet.”